Thursday, May 21, 2015

RVA Street Art: G40 Art Summit (Part I)

RVA Street Art: G40 Art Summit (Part I) | Yeti Crafts
In 2012, while Ed Trask and Company were premiering the first RVA Street Art Festival, the Washington DC-based gallery Art Whino was bringing twelve incredible muralists from all over the world to Richmond for its annual G40 Art Summit.  The aim of these Summits is to explore and promote Low Brow art by bringing together artists in an annual themed exhibit accompanied by activities and events that last throughout the month.

The loosely defined Low Brow art movement emerged in the 1970s as part of the hot rod culture in southern California with characters like Rat Fink.  It's heavily influenced by pop culture - specifically punk rock, comic books, and cartoons.  With heavy kitsch and retro references often combined with cute and/or creepy subject matter, it's safe to say that I'm a fan.

The 2012 G40 Art Summit was the launch of Art Whino's Richmond Mural Project, the goal of which is to have 100 murals decorating the city within its first five years.  After three years, they've already made a huge dent in that number.

1202 North Hull Street by Pixel Pancho

I got lost on my way into the city and ended up right at this mural.  It was kismet - I considered skipping this one because it was too far out of the way.

I'm really into this little footpath.

11 South 18th Street by 2501
Also at 11 South 18th Street

11 South 18th Street by ROA

112 North 18th Street by Pixel Pancho
1821 East Main Street by Pixel Pancho

110 North 18th Street by Angry Woebots
109 North 17th Street by Aryz

1711 East Main Street by Lelo

11 West Grace Street by Gaia

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