Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 4

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 4 | Yeti Crafts

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 4
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For a week, I hated everything I drew.  The first two sketches are from that gross week, but looking back now, they don't seem that bad.  It's interesting how one's mood affects one's perspective.  In an effort to break out of my rut, I switched over to markers (I generally use Copic Sketch Markers, but I also used Sharpies for the girl in the orange coat and a glitter gel pen for the girl with the blue wavy hair) Drawing with glitter is an instant pick-me-up, and I highly recommend it.

I'm pretty proud of myself for persevering through this yuckiness.   Doing the work - even when it's not fun - is the key to reaching a goal. 

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