Thursday, May 7, 2015

What I've Been Up To Lately

My monthly rundown of current projects, featuring new paintings, a stash-busting update, and forays into new and different craft genres!

What I've Been Up To Lately | Yeti Crafts
Cat Fancy 2 and Space Peaches
Last week was gross, but the weeks before that I was on a roll - creatively speaking.  I finished four paintings that I really love.  I talked a little about the first one (Sailor Girl) in a previous post. The last piece I finished before the fog rolled in was Space Peaches.  This mint-haired warrior is the brave defender of space fruit everywhere.
What I've Been Up To Lately | Yeti Crafts
Celebrate small victories.
I finally finished sewing all the patchwork sheets for the zipper pouches!  My battle against my own stash of scrap fabric has been on-going, but I feel like I can see the finish line.  I mean, there's still a lot of work, but these little two inch squares were pretty tedious and I'm done with that part.  The next time I talk about sewing, it should be accompanied by photographs of completely finished zipper pouches -  a lot of them.
What I've Been Up To Lately | Yeti Crafts
And now for something completely different.
Left: Chris built a composter and is in the process of covering the outside of it in mosaic.  I spent one afternoon out there "helping" him and made this piece.  It's a little over a square foot and I think it's pretty cute.  I'd never done mosaic before, so it's kind of messy.

Center: About once a year, Chris and I buy a bunch of polymer clay and spend an afternoon sculpting. This chubby mermaid in a sweater was my creation.  She has a cupcake. 

Right: I've been on a smoothie-making rampage.  I feel like a mad scientist and the results have been about 90% delicious.

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