Thursday, October 15, 2015

What I've Been Up To Lately

What I've Been Up To Lately | Yeti Crafts
Stash-busting like a boss and other things.

What I've Been Up To Lately | Yeti Crafts
"Witchy-Poo" prints available on Society6!
This is my first full-sized, digitally colored illustration.  I'm teaching myself how to do it, so I'm basically doing everything the hardest, most time-consuming way possible.  I figured a few things out, though, so the next one should only take a half a million years.
What I've Been Up To Lately | Yeti Crafts
There are still some of these guys left in my shop!
 I haven't talked about my quest to completely exhaust my stash of scrap fabric in awhile, but it's definitely still a thing.  I financed my trip to Lexington by making a ton of these fun and super useful little zipper pouches, which depleted my stocks significantly.  I also had a moment of profound personal growth and threw away a lot of super small pieces that I technically could have used for something, but probably shouldn't. 
What I've Been Up To Lately | Yeti Crafts
You guys don't understand how huge this was.
 I was left with a negligible pile of fabric, which I've since added to because it's time to start making Christmas stuff.  I understand that it's not feasible to have zero scrap fabric stash, waste nothing, and actively sew, and yet here we are - still trying.

Once I was moderately satisfied with the progress on the fabric stash, I moved on to the yarn one.  In about two weeks, I made seven hats and five octopodes (Octopuses? Both are correct, but somehow neither feels right) that I'll be posting in the shop very soon.  I was able to obliterate my yarn stash, except for one skein of lace weight that I probably will never use and some crazy stuff I'm saving for later.

I'm also finishing up the Cryptozoological Craft Swap  and will be sharing more about that with you guys very soon.  In addition, I've been out shooting some murals here in the Shenandoah Valley area, starting on Christmas presents, and updating the look of the blog. 

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