Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 16

In which I return to drawing regularly!

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume16 | Yeti Crafts
Two of the three original circus girls from 2012
I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, and it feels really good!  In the last months of 2015, I almost completely stopped drawing.  I feel like I've been able to pick right back up where I left off, though, which is a relief. I feel like my drawing has improved enough to revisit some of my earlier work.  I decided to update the circus girls, which was the project with which I came out of my ten-year, post-art-school hiatus in 2012.  They were part of my very first (and only) solo art show in 2013, but unfortunately I wasn't very good at documenting my work then, so these pictures are actually from the person who purchased them.
Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume16 | Yeti Crafts
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On New Years Day, I was still working on a three-month colored pencil project (I'll be showing you guys soon!) and didn't want to start sketchbook work on the circus girls until that was finished, so I used a drawing prompt generator that produced the sentence "As he chanted, a light grew from within the potion bottle," and I drew Morrissey working a spell.

After the colored pencil project was finished, I started brainstorming ideas for the circus girls.  I knew I wanted to draw something that would correspond to each of the original drawings without being the exact same subject matter, so I researched vintage circus photography and decided on a dancing girl that would harken back to the juggler, a knife thrower that I could compare to the ring master, and some sort of animal handler that would vaguely resemble the girl with a zebra (not pictured).  She's all ready to be painted now, and I've just started the sketches for the knife thrower.  I'm pretty excited about these pieces so far!


  1. These would make fantastic coloring books.

    1. Thank you! That's a terrific idea that I never considered. These sketches eventually evolve into finished illustrations, so I guess I never gave a lot of thought to them before they were finished.