Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 18

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 18 | Yeti Crafts
In which I overindulge in the color green.

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 18 | Yeti Crafts
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I'm ambivalent about the last of the circus girls.  I don't usually draw things that are this big, or this detailed, or with involved backgrounds.  I was trying to push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit and I'm not happy with the results.  It's weird, because there are a lot of individual elements that I really love, like the dinosaur and the moon, but the piece as a whole doesn't quite feel right. 

I don't regret pushing myself, though, since that's the only way to grow.  I decided to keep working on the big paper for the next one.  The initial concept was just a fortune teller with her crystal ball, because I saw a lot of them when I was looking through old circus photos and I wanted to draw one, even though it didn't really fit in with what I was doing with the circus girls.  I decided to just use green to see how far I could push myself monochromatically.  After two days of working on this, I noticed that her hand was MASSIVE.  I have to remember to step back and get my face out of it to better judge proportions.  My solution was to add another hand (holding the cell phone) to balance things out via perspective.  

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