Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 19

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 19
In which I labor endlessly with hair.

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 19 | Yeti Crafts
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I worked on the fortune teller's hair for weeks.  I mean, it was only two weeks, but that still makes it plural.  It started to feel like it would never be finished, but now it is!  It's too big for my scanner, so prints of that piece will be available when I figure out how to get a high resolution image of it into the computer.

After the fortune teller was finished, I took all of the vintage circus images off of my bulletin board and replaced them with Marie Antoinette inspiration.
Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 19
I love the Rococo period and all of its traditionally feminine excess.  Everything was sweet and flowery and covered in ruffles.  
Switching themes corresponded with the announcement of Larkin Arts' Pizza Party show, and the idea of a Rococo period pizza party filled my heart with the warm inspired glow of a thousand suns.  My first attempt was good, but not suited to the show's theme.  I really want to finish it, but the deadline for Pizza Party submissions is fast approaching, so I'm kind of working on two drawings at the same time.  The second attempt is moving quickly and I love it so much so far.  I can't wait to finish it.

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