Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 21

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 21 | Yeti Crafts
In which I step outside my comfort zone into a pile of graphite dust

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 21 | Yeti Crafts
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In an effort to push my limits I decided to try another 30 Day Drawing Challenge.  I found one that's pretty general all over Pinterest, but I was unable to find whence it originally came.  Here, you can see the list in the center and my first eight days.  Day one was self-portrait, and other than the weird angle of the picture I used creating a strange neck situation, I really like it.  Other than Day 5's BFF  prompt, the rest were about some of my favorite things - animal (alpaca, though it was a struggle to choose), food (sushi), place (the VMFA), book (Harry Potter), Movie (10 Things I Hate About You), and TV show (LOST).  Drawing only in pencil has been a challenge and a mess.  How do you draw in pencil without it smudging all over the place?

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