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#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge

#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
Aug 31 - Telephone Call
 Unfortunately, I didn't hear about Toby Oliver Dean's #YayEveryDay2016 drawing challenge until Danny Brito provided the prompt list for August.  As I've mentioned on multiple occasions, I love a good daily challenge because of the community element (feedback and accountability), the structure (it's every single day), and the opportunity to push my boundaries (OPP - Other People's Prompts).

#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
1. Hey Gurl  2. Taco Tuesday  3. Yr Fave Pokemon
 This was the first ever daily challenge that I stayed on track the whole time.  There were a few frustrating poopy drawing days, but I persevered.  Day one found me struggling once again with drawing this cross-legged pose.  I don't know why it's so difficult for me.  Day two landed me with this weird-face girl and her broken neck and day three was a prompt I wasn't crazy about.
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
4. Throwback  5. Crystal Gems  6. Harajuku
The next three days were much better. My "Throwback" drawing made me really happy and gave me a confidence boost. Steven Universe is one of my favorites, so the day five prompt gave me the chance to draw my favorite tragic hero - Lapis Lazuli. Day six kept me in my comfort zone again, and I ended up with what I thought was one of the best of the bunch, but its online reception was only mediocre.
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
7. Makeup  8. Breakfast for Dinner  9. Hugs and Kisses
This "Makeup" drawing was a little frustrating for me, as the colors were kind of gross, but it was a crowd fave online.  Go figure.  The waffle, again, made me really happy (and hungry) and didn't get a big response. For day nine, I focused on self-love.
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
10. Pug Pugs Pugs  11. Birthday Cake  12. Kitsch
 This pug is a little scary and I love it.  Days 11 and 12 were yucky drawing days and I don't even want to talk about it.
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
13. Selfie  14. Hello Kitty  15. NapLife
 I feel like I'm getting much better at self portraits, and I'm stoked about this one.  I kind of phoned it in on "Hello Kitty".  The idea of a relaxed approach producing better work was reinforced with day 15...
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
16. Succulents  17. Yr Fave Movie  18. UFO
 And days 16 and 18, which were two of the most popular sketches from this batch.  Day 17 was a second failed attempt at this exact drawing.  At least Heath Ledger can't witness my hideous insult.
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
19. I See You  20. Good Times  21. Super Hero
 Then I did three 3/4 profile portraits of attractive young women in a row.  I had trouble coming up with something to draw for "Good Times", which is kind of depressing, but I ended up drawing Jem?

"Super Hero" was obviously going to be an X-Man, but picking one was hard. I'm still thinking about Jubilee in the last movie, so here we are. (I can't decide how I feel about the small amount of screen time they gave her.  Am I sad that we didn't get to see more of her? Am I happy that they didn't get a chance to ruin her? Do I just love her look and move on with my life?)
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
22. Mermaids  23. Oranges  24. Pens and Pencils
 This mermaid's face was a little jacked so she got a transplant, but other than that I love her! I'm also a big fan of this little orange tree. "Pens and Pencils", on the other hand, can go straight back to hell where it belongs.
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
25. Sad Days  26. Glamour  27. Multicolor
My terrific mood on day 25 means that this drawing was cute and literal instead of dramatic or symbolic.  "Glamour" is supposed to be Beatrice from Another Period but it came out more zombie, which is also good.  Zombie glamour. Yes. "Multicolor" fell flat for me.  I'm not even really sure why, I'm just not crazy about it.
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge | Yeti Crafts
28. Bite Me  29. Bows  30. Twinkle
"Bite Me" holds the online high score for this round of sketches, which is another argument for keeping it simple, I guess.  Day 29 was my personal favorite of the bunch and, to be fair, other people seemed to really dig this one, too.  I did a whole drawing for the prompt "Twinkle" that never made to to the internet.  I drew a MoonDreamers doll that made me want to start a fire. I'm getting angry just thinking about it. I drew my Halloween costume instead.

Even though (or maybe because) there were ups and downs throughout this month of drawing every day, it was fun and good for me, so I'm sticking with #YayEveryDay2016 through September! Stay tuned to see how long I can hang!

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