Monday, October 3, 2016

#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge - September

#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge - September | Yeti Crafts
#YayEveryDay2016 's September Prompts
I decided to continue with Toby Oliver Dean's #YayEveryDay2016 drawing challenge into September after my success with it in August, and I'm pleased to tell you guys that I kept my perfect score!

#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge - September | Yeti Crafts
1. Postcard - I get excited about a new list of prompts and inevitably get too ambitious with the first few. 
2. Recipe - I used a photo of my friend Courtney for this one, and the reference image was way scarier, so I was bummed that the creepiness didn't come through.
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge - September | Yeti Crafts
Don't eat Courtney's biscuits.

3. Year 3016 - the best of the bunch? Maybe.
4. Beach Ball - this is another one that took too long and my distaste for it never wavered.
5. Scary Monster - I know I'm in danger of sounding like an attention-seeking whiner, but I didn't love this one, either.  Wah wah wah.
6. Haiku -
Sometimes you can't draw
And you want to start a fire
Get over it, kid.

#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge - September | Yeti Crafts
7. Stripes - the funk started to lift on this one.
8. Kodak Moment
9. Shopping Kart - whenever something is purposely misspelled, I worry that I'm missing out on some cultural reference, but I don't have time to chase down every weird thing on the internet.
10. Power Ballad - Axl Rose in the 80s was as beautiful as he was terrible.
11. Brush Your Teeth
12. Water Park
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge - September | Yeti Crafts
13. Harry Potter
14. London - I'm into it. 
15. Buried Treasure 
16. Britney - ehhh... it's just okay. 
17. Scars - I drew this famous photo of Andy Warhol in high school and this prompt felt like the perfect moment for revisiting that.
18. Spiders - MASSIVE HAND?
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge - September | Yeti Crafts
19. Sweet tooth
20. Villains - Suicide Squad was a highly entertaining misogynistic mess, but Harley Quinn is cute and fun, so let's just focus on that and not on the horrorific message that character is feeding to young women.
21. Geometric - I don't think I've ever felt less motivated by a prompt.
22. Polaroid
23. Tree House - This was - by far - the crowd favorite in this batch.
24. Salty - I drew this in about ten minutes because I was leaving for Dinosaur Land.  I'm not sorry.
#YayEveryDay2016 Drawing Challenge - September | Yeti Crafts
25. No Scrubs
26. Puppy
27. Underwear
28. Mud Pie
29. Gossip
30. Extinct

Before you can ask, I am continuing the drawing challenge into October, but I'm doing Drawlloween this time!

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