Friday, November 4, 2016

Sketchbook Round-Up: Volume 27

October was my third successful month of participating in drawing challenges, though less so than the two previous months since I had multiple missed days requiring catch-up. I broke away from #yayeveryday2016 and switched over to #drawlloween2016.

Oct. 1 - Return from the Dead, Oct. 2 - Carnival Creeps, Oct. 3 - Mummy Monday
I started the month out (as usual) full of excitement and ambition.  I decided that this time I would stick to a theme, and I chose X-Men.  I drew Rogue as a zombie, Nightcrawler in the carnival, and Storm fighting a mummy and all three were too big, too detailed, and took forever.  On Day three I was already over it and took a break. 
Oct. 4 - Tentacle Tuesday, Oct. 5 - Better Gnomes and Goblins, Oct. 6 - Urban Legends, Oct. 7 - What Lies in the Mist?, Oct. 8 - 8 Legs, 1,000 Eggs
Then I gave up the theme and drew five days worth of stuff in one sitting and absolutely loved the whole page.

Oct. 9 - He's a Dummy, Doll, Oct. 10 - Demonday, Oct. 11 - Slimy Swamps, Foggy Bogs,  Oct. 12 - I've Got a Hunchback, Oct 13. - Thursday the 13th, Oct. 14 - Scarecrow Row, Oct. 15 - Drive-In Creature Feature, Oct. 16 - Full Moon!, Oct. 17 - Mad Science Monday, Oct. 18 - Nosferatuesday 
Oct. 19 - Witchcraft Wednesday Oct. 20 - 23 I kind of ditched the prompts and just drew witches
I've had issues with these "quick" sketches taking way longer than planned since I started participating in drawing challenges and I finally came up with a solution - a smaller sketchbook! With a tiny sketchbook, I've had way less of that nightmare quicksand feeling that my warm-up drawing was eating my whole day.

Oct. 24 - Mechanical Monstrosity, Oct. 25 - Entombed Tuesday, Oct. 26 - They Came from Outer Space!, Oct. 27 - Call of Cthursday, Oct. 28 - Ghosts A-Go-Go, Oct. 29 - Black Caturday, Oct. 30 - Skulls and Skeletons, Oct. 31 - Trick 'r Treat!

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