Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What I've Been Up to Lately (Since last fall)

From Top Left: Embroidered moth (WIP), Winston Churchill as Batman, Cute Catwoman, Cute Poison Ivy, Joan of Arc, Dinosaur winter wreath, Elizabeth I (Center)
Once again, it's been a real long time since I updated this thing.  I've been pretty busy, which is a decent reason to not make stuff, but I have another one.  I'm disillusioned with art-for-money. For whatever reason, my work doesn't sell, even when I commit 50+ hours a week to it, and I've been feeling things about that.

So now I'm just going to draw and make what I want when I want to and stop worrying about why other people don't spend money on it.  In that spirit, let me tell you about the stuff I've drawn or made over the past few months that you can't buy, even if you want to.

The epic moth patch is beautiful so far.  I didn't realize how time-consuming it would be because I've never embroidered anything on this scale before.  When it's finished, I'm planning on sewing it onto a denim jacket.

Over the past few months have doodled Winston Churchill as Batman, Queen Elizabeth I, and Joan of Arc.  Joan is one of my faves because there are so few instances in history of teenage girls wielding power.  Elizabeth is also in my top ten favorite historical figures for her kick-assery.  Following the theme of powerful women in a different direction, I drew Catwoman and Poison Ivy in a kind of cutesy, pop culture context and am actually super into how Poison Ivy turned out.

The last thing in that photo collage is the wreath I made for Christmas and then left up until Valentines Day because I'm lazy and it never stopped being relevant.